Affiliate FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

You get the following benefits when you join the Aurora OffRoad Affiliate program:

  • Every sale you send to earns you a 5% commission –even on your own purchases!
  • Every sale your Sub-Affiliates send to earns you a 2.5% override
  • You will get monthly commission and override payments deposited automatically in your PayPal account. It’s safe and secure.
  • You will get access to our detailed online tracking and reporting tools to check on your website performance & the income it’s generating for you
  • It’s FREE! There is no cost to join the Aurora OffRoad Affiliate Program and you can quit at any time
Are there any hidden costs? What’s the catch?
No, there is NO COST and there is no catch. This is an alternative form of advertising for us. We want to expose as many Snowmobile owners as possible to our products. Instead of buying advertising on Google or Yahoo that cater to everyone, we pay you to advertise on your Website because you cater to Snowmobile owners. We expect a much higher return because your viewers are interested in Snowmobiles.
How much is my commission?
Qualifying sales earn a commission of 5% of the "net sale." Your net sales are calculated by subtracting any discounts, shipping, tax and returns or charge-backs from the total sales amount. For example, if a qualifying sale is made for $100 before shipping and taxes, you earn a commission of $5 (5% of $100 = $5). If 20 qualifying sales are made for $100. each, before shipping and taxes, you earn commissions of $100.
How much are my overrides?
Qualifying sales generated through your Sub-Affiliates earn on override on the "net sale". Net sales are calculated by subtracting shipping discounts, tax and returns or charge-backs from the total sales amount. For example, if your Sub-Affiliates generate $2,000. in qualifying net sales, you earn overrides of $50. (2.5% of $2,000 = $50.). If you have 10 Sub-Affiliate generate $2, qualifying net sales, you earn overrides of $500.
In order to earn a commission, how soon must a customer buy after they click the link on my website?
You will earn a commission as soon as one of your visitors buys and for up to 30 days after a person visits your website, clicks on our link, then makes a purchase from our store. In other words, if a person clicks on our link from your Website and comes to our store, but does not make a purchase at that time, you may still earn a commission if that person returns to our store within 30 days and makes a qualifying purchase. If a person makes more than one purchase from our store within those 30 days, you will earn a commission on each sale!
When will I not earn a commission or override?
You will not earn a commission or override if the person clicks on the link of another one of our affiliates between the time they clicked on our link on your Website and the time they made the purchase. You also would not earn a commission or override if the visitor turned off or otherwise disabled the "cookie" set when they clicked on the link from your website to our website.
When are my commissions and overrides paid?
Payments are made by the 20th day of each month for the preceding month. Payments are made automatically when your balance exceeds $25. If you balance for the month is less than $25 your commissions and overrides will accumulate and be added to the next month’s payment.
When do I start earning commissions and overrides?
Immediately. You start earning commissions and overrides as soon as your links are up and the first sale is made through these links.
How long does it take to hear back from you once I sign up?
We try to reply to all applications within 48 hours. Please be patient – we take the time to visit every applicant’s website to make sure that it meets our standards.
I have my own personal website. Can I apply?
Yes! We allow both companies and individuals to become Aurora OffRoad Affiliates.
Does my website have to be boating related?
No. Our program is a good fit for snowmobile related websites, but other websites can certainly link to & make money too!
Can a website based outside the United States become an Aurora OffRoad Affiliate?
Yes. At this time ships to the contiguous USA and Canada . We are planning to eventually ship World Wide. If you are outside the contiguous USA and Canada please check back from time to time to see if your country is set up.
How can I link to
Once you apply & are approved for the Aurora OffRoad Affiliate Program you will be provided with Affiliate Links & Banners that allow you to link to our store. You can use either text or image links.
How does know how much traffic is coming from my website?
Your links contain unique tags that represent your website. When someone uses one of your links to visit that tag is stored. When that visitor makes a purchase the tag is sent to our order database and credits the sale to your account.
Can I use my own link to make purchases?
Yes. We encourage you to use your links for your own purchases from You will even earn Referral Commissions on these purchases.
How do I know when someone has bought something from my website?
When you apply, you can select the option to receive an email every time someone makes a sale from your website, so you will know right away when a sale has been made. You can also access your stats at any time with your user name and password to check your account. You have complete control.
How many links can I have to
You can have as many links to as you want. Remember – the more sales you send to the website, the more Referral Commissions and Referral Override you will earn! The only requirement is that you use the Affiliate Links & Banners we supply.
Should I list product prices?
No! Prices are subject to change and special prices or discounts may apply for a limited time only. If you list prices, you run the risk of confusing your visitors if these prices change.
How old must I be to participate in the program?
You must be 18 years or older to participate in the Aurora OffRoad Affiliate Program
Can I download product or other images from and use them on my website?

No. All images, product photography and text is the exclusive property of Aurora OffRoad Industries Inc. and cannot be used without our express written permission. Please use only approved artwork from our Logos, Banner & Artwork page.

To sign-up, read the Terms & Conditions, then proceed to complete your application!
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