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I put SLUSH BUSTER on my sled, but not the hubby's. Had lots of scraping to do on his sled, mine stayed clean. I'm liking it!..:-).....
Cat Woman
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I put on two coats of SLUSH BUSTER under my tunnel (24 hours between each coat). Goes on real easy. In deep powder and snowing heavily all day, no snow build up. Pretty amazed! Usually at the end of our rides, I have a metal spatula that I take to scrape all of the snow off so it doesn't freeze on there. Didn't have to touch my sled with the spatula (except my rails). So far with 4 rides....I'm still good to go with no additional applications. :-)
Cat Woman
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I have had very good luck in keeping the Tahoe area “Sierra Cement” off of my sled with this stuff. It’s some of the wettest stickiest snow I've run into. SLUSH BUSTER works awesome. The snow doesn't stick.

I coat the whole front and rear suspension, shock tower, snow flap and rail assembly down with this stuff. A little goes a long way. It works much better than the silicone sprays and water proofers that I have been using. It’s safe for plastics too. This stuff is super hydrophobic (sheds water). What's the use of going to lightweight front suspension parts if you haul around an extra ton of snow on your sled?

On an average day we would pack about 5-10 lbs of ice and snow under our sleds tunnels even with the coolers. SLUSH BUSTER keeps them clean.

I always build a ton of snow up in the A-arms and the rear suspension, but it doesn’t stick where I put the SLUSH BUSTER. I’m doing my whole sled.

Reducing the ice/snow buildup in the tunnel is easily the best value in real weight reduction. I always carry enough snow and ice to make a small igloo... ;-) ...When it falls off and rattles against my track lugs and I get this sinking feeling that something like a bearing has gone south, SLUSH BUSTER rocks. No more igloos. No more rattles. My sled handles great.

Aurora Off Road Slush Buster
Individual unit
Catalog No:
Case Volume:
Case Weight:
Case Dimentions:


12 X 220 ml
8.0 lb (3.63 KG)
6"D x 8"W x 7.5"H
Be Safe: Slush Buster Keeps Your Snow Blower'sChute Clear!

All Clean

Brite Shine
Clear View
Saddle Guard
Sled Care Kit

Easy to Apply:
Wipe On & Wipe Off. Use on Tunnels, Suspension, Skis... Anywhere that Snow Accumulates
Reduces Adhesion of
Slush, Ice & Snow
Reduces Excess Weight & Improves Performance
Reduce Damage from Ice Adhesion and Break Off
Beautiful Shine
Safe for All Hard Shiny Surfaces:
Aluminum, Chrome, Stainless Steal, Plastics, Decals, Paint
(not for clear coat)
Protects Against Harmful Road Salt, Corrosion & Rust
Durable - Lasts for Weeks
Easy to Clean: Resists Dirt & Mud
Use on Snowmobile Trailors
Makes Cleaning Easier
Use on Snowblower Chutes
Reduces Snow Blockage


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